EONSFLEET is a pioneer, leader, and trusted advisor delivering transformative business performance from IoT solutions.

Leaders in Telematics and Telemetry Services in Nigeria

The marketplace is evolving fast, and the key to the future of fleet is in IoT technologies. With the right IoT solutions for fleet management, organizations are empowered with continuous visibility into vehicle and driver status to improve productivity, safety, efficiency, and profitability. This is why leading fleet operators are actively adopting IoT solutions that leverage real-time data from connected vehicles. In fact, 46% of transport and logistics businesses already use IoT to support large-scale business transformation.

As one of the largest IoT solution providers in the Nigeria, Eonsfleet is an independent, expert advisor that provides fleet organizations with the expert resources, industry experience, deployment agility, and objective guidance needed to enable a broad range of connected solutions – tailored to the fleet industry – that drive business performance and maximize IoT return on investment.

EONSFLEET focuses on enabling business-centric IoT solutions across industries – including fleet, healthcare, logistics, industrial, real estate and construction, insurance, and auto – for location tracking, asset monitoring, and field servicing use cases.