Diesel Generator Monitoring Solution

Diesel Generator Monitoring Solution

With Eonsfleet DG monitoring Solution which allows multiple authorized users can now remotely determine the status of the generators from anywhere, reducing the need for costly service calls and on-site visits. EDGM's  M2M (machine to machine) 24/7 monitoring solution increases the reliability of your generators by eliminating 95% of all Shutdown / Fail-to-Start situations. Our cost-effective controllers connect to ALL major brands of generators and are Modbus compatible for access to diagnostic information directly from the generator.

  • Know the load patterns and total energy generated. Relate kWh to fuel and find out kWh/litre or kwH/gallon
  • Get report for diesel filled (top-ups), diesel removed, DG ON, DG OFF, Mains and DG overlapping

Monitor from anywhere and everywhere

  • Stay connected with your DG sets 24 x 7 using the cloud application
  • Get weekly / monthly print reports couriered / delivered to your office / home
  • Optional analysis / manual monitoring service to keep you informed over phone

Prevent diesel theft:

Fuel costs over 60% of total costs of operations and with ever increasing diesel prices saving every drop of fuel was never so important. GeoHEMS helps in detecting fuel thefts. Diesel is typically stolen by filling in less fuel than claimed. By detecting the exact amount of diesel filled we ensure your staff is now 100% accountable for every penny!

Improve DG performance:

Monitor key DG performance metrics like

  • Total energy produced
  • Energy produced per liter of diesel
  • Critical parameters like temperature, pressure, RPM, oil levels, etc.

If performance falls, you can take timely actions to bring performance back to acceptable level.

Reduce maintenance costs:

Get automatic maintenance alerts in form of SMS and emails for servicing and maintenance. Also, always know the

  • Engine run hours
  • Battery voltages
  • Temperature trends
  • Alerts and alarms instantly
  • Solve alerts in warning phase and avoid shut-down conditions